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Uni-Bros. is a Professional Project Service Company committed to setting and maintaining standards in the emerging profession of project services, through its well-manner and quick-action programs for unique monopoly in of delivery services.

Uni-Bros. strives to provide relevance, timeliness and consistency in all its services and Member service based activities. We regard all Members, relevant parties, policy-making bodies, partner organizations and the public whom we serve as our customers.

Customer service standards

* Courtesy

Employees of Uni-Bros. being educated in the service standards of the project services; will exhibit customer friendly service skills; and be knowledgeable, professional and courteous in meeting the needs of our customers.

* Confidentiality

All information gathered or held regarding the personal or business affairs of our customers will be held in strict confidence, for the sole use of our organization in meeting its stated objectives. No information will be released to Members, partner organizations, or any other third party in a format that will allow identification except with the express consent of the provider or as may be required by law. Uni-Bros. does not sell lists to third party marketing organizations.

* Communication

The Uni-Bros. Secretariat can be reached by post, phone, fax and e-mail. All correspondence will be responded to in a clear, concise and timely manner. Our aim is that all correspondence, from date of receipt, will receive a response within 24 business hours; more complicated issues will receive an acknowledgement within the response time, and continuous updates on the progress of the case until a resolution can be achieved.

* Consistency

As part of its commitment to upholding professional standards, Uni-Bros. has implemented and constantly reviews policies to ensure that its project services and consultancy are consistent across all Customer, Members and partner organizations.

* Support for partners

We regard to support our customers in all most project aspects; We welcome input from our partners to ensure that the project services and its administration meet the changing needs of the economic and project environment.

* Reduce bureaucracy

Wherever possible, without compromising the professional standards of our services, We strive to reduce the burden of unnecessary bureaucracy/ trouble for project target.

* Handling complaints

seeks fair, just and prompt solutions when possible to any complaints and appeals. All such issues should be directed to the Secretariat in the first instance, where they will be acknowledged and directed to the attention of the appropriate person. A formal appeal process is in place for any disputes regarding exemptions or awards in the quick-action program.

Access to information

Information about our company and its work, and the necessary information are available from our website. The information is also available and regularly updated on our website at www.uni-bros.com, where the date of latest update is noted. Information about current fee structures is included in each of these sources.
Consultation and feedback
Consultation is an important part to meetour objectives. Uni-Bros. conducts regular surveys of the needs and perceptions of its customers, using the feedback to enhance its service. Provision for giving feedback is also available on our website.